Everything You Need to Know About CSPO Certification

The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) credential has become a highly sought-after certification for product professionals looking to advance their agile careers. Offered through the Scrum Alliance, the CSPO designation validates expertise in maximizing business value and optimizing the end-product experience using the Scrum framework.

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about getting CSPO certified – from eligibility criteria and training requirements to exam preparation, certification benefits, and beyond.

Whether you are new to agile or a seasoned product owner, this detailed overview of CSPO certification will provide key insights and clarity to help inform your decision making. Read on to fully understand how CSPO can equip you with the skills to excel as a Scrum Product Owner.

What is CSPO Certification?

CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner. It is a credential offered by the Scrum Alliance to validate knowledge of the Scrum framework from the product owner’s perspective.

The CSPO designation signals that someone has practical working knowledge of Scrum values, practices, and applications needed to effectively perform the product owner role on agile software teams. It demonstrates their ability to maximize business value through Scrum.

To become CSPO certified, candidates must attend a 2-day CSPO course authorized by the Scrum Alliance. They must then pass a rigorous multiple choice exam testing their expertise across various Scrum domains and the product owner responsibilities.

The CSPO certification carries several benefits and can be a career booster for product professionals using Scrum. It is globally recognized and highly respected. Let’s examine it more closely.

Why Become a CSPO?

Pursuing CSPO certification comes with many advantages that can significantly boost your Scrum product career. Here are some top reasons to get CSPO certified:

Demonstrate Expertise as Scrum Product Owner

The CSPO validates your specialized expertise in carrying out the vital product owner role on Scrum teams. It proves you have the required skills and knowledge sought by employers.

Enhances Marketability and Career Prospects

The credential makes your Scrum product ownership skills and experience stand out. This improves your resume and competitiveness for lucrative job opportunities.

Higher Salary Potential

On average, CSPO certified professionals enjoy a 15-20% higher salary compared to those without the certification. It improves future earning potential.

Gain In-depth Knowledge of Scrum

Preparing for CSPO builds extensive knowledge of Scrum principles, artifacts, values and practices – helping you become a better Scrum practitioner.

Access to Global Scrum Community

Get connected to the professional Scrum community for networking, learning and career growth opportunities through Scrum Alliance resources and events.

In summary, the CSPO opens up growth avenues and solidifies your expertise as an agile product leader.

Who Can Become a CSPO?

Eligibility and Target Audience

The CSPO targets professionals with experience performing the role of Product Owner on agile development teams utilizing the Scrum framework.

To be eligible, you must have a minimum of one year of work experience in a Scrum Product Owner role within the last 5 years. Exposure to the entire Scrum lifecycle is expected.

The certification is most suitable for:

  • Existing product owners wanting to validate Scrum expertise
  • Aspiring product owners transitioning into the role
  • Product managers moving to agile methods like Scrum
  • Team members like developers or business analysts interested in becoming Product Owners
  • Project managers looking to upskill into the Scrum product career path

In essence, it applies to anyone accountable for maximizing business value for their products using Scrum.

Prerequisites for CSPO

While no mandatory training is required prior to attempting CSPO certification, having a foundational understanding of Scrum principles and values is assumed.

Some recommended preparation includes:

  • Completing basic Scrum Master or agile training
  • Reading Scrum guides and books
  • Attending Scrum seminars or conferences
  • Gaining hands-on Scrum experience by working on teams

This groundwork will help you better grasp the CSPO course and exam content.

The CSPO Training

Course Structure

To appear for the CSPO exam, candidates must first complete a 2-day, 16 PDUs CSPO course. It is conducted by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) worldwide.

The immersive training covers topics like:

  • Scrum framework overview
  • CSPO accountabilities and behaviors
  • Building effective Product Backlogs
  • User stories and acceptance criteria best practices
  • Planning and estimating product releases
  • Tracking team progress and measuring value
  • Working with stakeholders and development teams
  • Scaling Scrum across the enterprise

Through instruction, collaborative exercises and practical application, the course equips you with the knowledge needed for CSPO certification.

Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs)

Only Certified Scrum Trainers authorized by Scrum Alliance can conduct the CSPO course. CSTs are experienced Scrum practitioners who have demonstrated advanced skills and knowledge of Scrum principles.

They have been vetted to ensure they can deliver consistent, high-quality CSPO training globally. Choosing an approved CST helps you get the most out of your CSPO course experience.

The CSPO Exam

Preparing for the CSPO Exam

Proper preparation is vital for passing the CSPO certification exam. Some key ways to prepare include:

  • Studying the CSPO course material thoroughly
  • Reading the Scrum Guide and recommended resources
  • Completing CSPO mock tests to identify knowledge gaps
  • Focusing on Scrum artifacts, values, roles and events
  • Learning key skills like user stories, estimation, value optimization etc.
  • Joining study groups to collaborate with others

Adequate practice and being very familiar with the Scrum Guide content is highly recommended to pass with the required 74% score.

The CSPO exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions and lasts 90 minutes. It covers a diverse range of Scrum topics and assesses both theoretical and practical knowledge required for the Product Owner role.

The Benefits of CSPO Certification

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Preparing for the CSPO strengthens many leadership skills needed as a Product Owner like strategic vision, collaboration, accountability and focus on results.

The certification journey teaches you how to guide teams, stakeholders and organizations for improved outcomes.

Improved Career Prospects

The CSPO gives your resume an impressive boost. It equips you with the credentials and expertise to advance your Scrum product career.

CSPOs stand out as qualified candidates for lucrative job opportunities such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach etc. They also progress faster into Scrum leadership roles.

Increased Earning Potential

In addition to new job opportunities, CSPO certification leads to pay raises, promotions and higher salary.

On average, CSPO certified professionals earn a 15-20% higher median pay compared to their non-certified peers. The credential maximizes your earning potential.

The Role of a CSPO

As a CSPO, you are responsible for maximizing customer value from products and projects. Your key duties include:

Product Vision

You are accountable for establishing and conveying the overall vision and objectives for the product based on customer needs. This provides direction to the team.

Backlog Management

Your focus is on developing and clearly articulating the Product Backlog by transparently prioritizing requirements, creating actionable user stories, and determining release cycles.

Team Collaboration

You enable close collaboration across teams to build shared understanding of the customer perspective. This drives optimal results.

Essentially, CSPOs ensure the product creates the right value for users and the business.

Life After CSPO Certification

Advanced Certifications

After gaining CSPO credentials, Scrum professionals often choose to pursue more advanced certifications such as:

  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) – for those progressing into Scrum coaching and training roles
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® – to further cross-functional agile expertise
  • SAFe® Scrum Product Owner – for large-scale enterprise agile product development

These add to your knowledge and help take your career to the next level.


As a CSPO, you gain access to Scrum Alliance’s events, conferences, user groups and resources. These provide:

  • Continued learning opportunities to advance skills
  • Connections with over 500,000 Scrum professionals globally
  • Ways to give back by coaching and mentoring others

Leverage the Scrum community to stay updated, find mentors, and progress professionally.


For product professionals, CSPO certification helps supercharge Scrum career growth. It develops expertise to thrive as a Product Owner, gain credibility, and maximize value delivery through Scrum.

If seeking to validate your Scrum product mastery or aspiring to become a Product Owner, the CSPO credential is very worthwhile for the skills, knowledge and community it provides. Investing in CSPO certification can pay rich dividends for your agile journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is prior Scrum experience required for CSPO certification?

Yes, a minimum of 12 months of Scrum product experience in the last 5 years is mandatory to qualify for CSPO certification. Working actively in a Product Owner role provides the necessary real-world exposure.

How long does CSPO certification training last?

The required CSPO course spans 16 PDUs or 2 full days. It covers Scrum principles tailored for the Product Owner role through interactive instruction by a Certified Scrum Trainer.

What is the passing score for the CSPO exam?

To pass the CSPO exam, you need to score at least 74% which equates to answering 45 out of 60 questions correctly. The exam covers a wide breadth of Scrum topics.

Can I take the CSPO exam online?

Yes, the 60-question, 90-minute CSPO exam is administered online through Pearson VUE. You can schedule it at your convenience at certified test centers globally.

Are there any renewal requirements for CSPO certification?

Yes, CSPO renewal is required every 2 years. You must earn 24 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and pay a $100 renewal fee to maintain active certification status.

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